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Best Comedy Clubs in London

Best Comedy Clubs in London

Well aren't you a smart Londoner! You've discovered London's top bar and restaurant guide, Fluid London, and now you're expecting some inspiration. So, if the weather's being well-behaved and the sun is shining, how about a spot of alfresco drinking, a beer garden, or a rooftop bar.

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Fluid London Reviews

Picture of aqua nueva, Soho, London

aqua nueva, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
“Top 10 things you need to know about Aqua Nueva restaurant: 1) You already know about this
Christian Rose-Day, Fluid London reviewer 30 Jun 15}

Picture of Noir, Marylebone, London

Noir, Marylebone (Bar / Restaurant)
“Top 10 things you need to know about Noir bar: 1) With everything “black and gold, black and gold” - beckoning black and gold mirrors and a dim-lit interior have a real sophisticated feel Sam Sparrow...”
Fay Crampin, Fluid London reviewer 30 Jun 15}

Picture of Trailer Happiness, Notting Hill, London

Trailer Happiness, Notting Hill (Bar)
“Top 10 things to know about Trailer Happiness bar: 1) Plenty of lied. Hours spent trawling through their site without hooking a single goldfish. Need a plan B. 2) A friend had heard unsubstantiated...”
Baldwin Ho, Fluid London reviewer 29 Jun 15}

Customer Reviews

Picture of Wong Kei, West End, London

Wong Kei, West End (Restaurant)
“I cant believe how rude the staff in this filthy shabby restaurant were. Im glad I didnt see the kitchen because judging by the cold slimy overcooked food that finally arrived it must be revoltig!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jon privett, london 28 Jun 15

The Six Bells, Acton (Bar)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ingrid Martini, Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany 25 Jun 15

Delisserie, Edgware & Mill Hill (Restaurant)
“I want to amend my last review! THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THE PLACE! I waited a very long time before going back in and trying again only to find different staff, same problems plus new ones! Food: I started with chicken soup. It came with a lot of fat on the surface and it was cold! I had to send it back to be heated up! I ordered a burger and asked if it could be pink in the middle or rarer and was told by the waitress it could be, I also asked if it was big and she said yes so I was looking forwards to a nice big juicy burger of about a quarter pounder in size I'd be surprised if what turned up was an eighth pounder or thereabouts! After that being wrong the Manageress took over dealing with me and I tried again with something listed under jumbo hotdogs. It has in it thin little pieces of roast beef horrible cheese that was melted I-don't-know-what mixed with I don't know and tasted horrible with caramelised onions and, strangely for a dish they call a hot dog, NO SAUSAGE! What I had was a beef, onion, and cheese ROLL/SANDWICH! So then I thought I'd give the salt beef and roast beef sandwich another go forgetting what it was like the last time as it was a long while ago. I asked if the beef was medium rare to rare, especially as I had seen elsewhere on the menu that the beef medium rare (pink in the middle) IT WASN'T! IT WAS WELL OVERCOOKED! It arrived cold straight out of the fridge! It didn't even cross the mind of anyone in the kitchen to put the very overcooked roast beef and the salt beef into the microwave and heat them up to at least room temperature! I sent the French fries back three times as the first two times they arrived they were the complete opposite to what I wanted, they came cold and not even remotely crispy! I had to show her a picture on my mini computer (that is what I call mobile/smart 'phones) of rare beef so that she could see what rare beef looks like! The owner is friends with my brother, but I will have to find some other way to talk to him without (using) that connection! It gets MUCH TOO NOISY in there! It is so bad you have to shout at each other from half a foot away from each other! and the problem with sitting outside in the nice (cool) air is that the staff very rarely come out to attend to you! DEFINITELY NOT VALUE FOR MONEY!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bradley, London 24 Jun 15



"We visited for a Fathers Day lunch with our London based kids and were treated to a wonderful meal. Starters, main course and desserts were excellent. ( My part Italian wife said it was one of the best..." Which venue is this?


"I cant believe how rude the staff in this filthy shabby restaurant were. Im glad I didnt see the kitchen because judging by the cold slimy overcooked food that finally arrived it must be revoltig!" Which venue is this?

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